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Selecting A DJ For Your Wedding

If you are planning on getting married in the near future, one of the tasks in preparing for your wedding reception is the selection of entertainment. Many people opt for a disc jockey to keep their guests on the dance floor in celebration of your new vows. The disc jockey that runs the show will have an impact on the type of party you are throwing. Here are some tips to use when selecting a DJ for your own wedding reception.

Conduct Interviews

When picking the right DJ for your wedding reception, it is important to meet with them in advance to make sure their personality matches your expectations. This can be checked by giving interviews to several disc jockeys to find a match. At this time ask each interviewee a bit about their business in order to get a feel for the level of professionalism they conduct.

Focus On Personality

The main trait a good DJ should have is a fun personality. Hiring someone who seems to have a monotone voice or who does not seem outgoing will not be useful in getting your guests in the mood to dance or celebrate. Instead, there is the risk of people sitting in their seats appearing bored.

Ask each DJ you interview to pretend you are walking in the door and see what type of introduction they will give. If their voice sounds excited, articulate and easy to be heard, they are a better choice than a disc jockey that just announces you in a normal-sounding voice without emotion. A DJ that seems embarrassed to do this introduction on the spot will also not be a great choice. Someone unafraid to speak will be best at a wedding reception.

Find Out About Equipment

The equipment a DJ uses to perform is an important point in your selection process. Ask each DJ you are interviewing to describe their equipment setup and ask if you could see a photograph from their portfolio. A professional disc jockey will have two sets of speakers so each corner of the room will be covered with a rich, vibrant sound. They will have a screen to place in front of their setup so there are no unsightly wires to be seen by the crowd.

See If There Are Extras Included

Ask each DJ if they have any extras included with their show. Some disc jockeys will bring along props for guests to use during specific songs, such as hats or blow up instruments. These add some extra fun to the reception and help to get guests involved in the celebration. Other DJs have microphones available for guests to give speeches or perhaps sing a karaoke song during the reception. Using lighting is also a huge plus in helping to set the mood. Another feature is using a large screen to show photos of the happy couple, play music videos through the reception, or project live footage of the reception from another angle.

Ask About Music

Make sure that any music you wish to have played at your reception is in the DJs musical library. They will need time to buy music they do not already have, so it is important to bring any specific songs to their attention in advance to avoid in disappointment of not hearing your favorites. A good DJ will have all standard wedding music in their library and will customize their show according to your personality and preference.