Why A Vegas Wedding Is A Good Idea

If you are planning to get married soon, you should consider eloping or having a small wedding in Las Vegas. An intimate event can be just as beautiful as a blowout affair. In addition, you and your fiance will have less stress, save money, and probably stay married longer.  Big Weddings The average budget for a wedding has shot up to $30,000, and that number does not include the honeymoon. That level of extravagance may lead to a good show, but it means you will be more likely to divorce than those who choose more modest ceremonies.

Breaking Tradition: Tips For Planning The Wedding You Want

Although many women fantasize about their wedding day and see the traditional white gown with the flowing veil, not every girl dreams of that storybook wedding day. If you are planning a wedding that sets you apart from the traditional, don't let friends and family get you down about it. Remember that the ultimate goal of the day is that you and your loved one say your vows. Don't let the expectations of others dampen that.

Make Sure You Talk To Your Wedding Photographer About These Three Important Things

Before your wedding, make sure you take the time to sit down and discuss with your wedding photographer the type of shots that you really want to get and the flow of your special day. Here are three topics you need to make sure you cover with your wedding photographer. Must Have Shots Your photographer will know to capture the "typical" wedding moments – such as your first kiss with your spouse, your first dance together and the cutting of your wedding cake.

Selecting A DJ For Your Wedding

If you are planning on getting married in the near future, one of the tasks in preparing for your wedding reception is the selection of entertainment. Many people opt for a disc jockey to keep their guests on the dance floor in celebration of your new vows. The disc jockey that runs the show will have an impact on the type of party you are throwing. Here are some tips to use when selecting a DJ for your own wedding reception.

3 Ways To Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

If you are planning for your wedding and want to keep your bouquet or any of the wedding flowers, here are three different things that you can do to preserve them. Freeze Dry Your Flowers There are companies that will freeze dry your bouquet in its shape for you. This method needs to be done by professionals. You deliver your bouquet to the flower preservation company, and they will carefully take the bouquet apart.