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Make Sure You Talk To Your Wedding Photographer About These Three Important Things

Before your wedding, make sure you take the time to sit down and discuss with your wedding photographer the type of shots that you really want to get and the flow of your special day. Here are three topics you need to make sure you cover with your wedding photographer.

Must Have Shots

Your photographer will know to capture the "typical" wedding moments – such as your first kiss with your spouse, your first dance together and the cutting of your wedding cake.

However, almost every couple has a list of "must-have" shots that they really want to have. These "must-have" lists can vary greatly from one couple to another. Some examples of "must-have" photos could include:

  • Pictures with your college roommates
  • Pictures with your best friends growing up
  • Pictures with both of your families
  • Pictures with specific family members

Let your photographer know what shots you would be devastated to discover were missing from your photo album. That way, you will not experience any disappointment when you get your wedding photos back.

Setting Shots

Fully capturing your wedding is about more than photos of you and your new spouse. If you spent a considerable amount of time picking your wedding location and decorating it, you'll want to capture that as well.

Discuss with your wedding photographer setting shots that you really want captured as well. Let them know if you really want a picture of the outside of the venue, or if you want to capture the lights that you wrapped around the rafters. Once again, if there is something you really want captured, let your photographer know so they can make that happen.

Discuss The Timing Of Your Wedding Day

Finally, it is incredibly important that you sit down with your wedding photographer and discuss the itinerary of your wedding with them. Your photographer will need to know when hair and make-up is scheduled, when you want to do wedding shots, when the ceremony is and the pacing of all the events that follow.

Be sure to take into account any suggestions your wedding photographer offers about your wedding day itinerary. Remember, your photographer shoots weddings all the time and may have valuable insight into timing to offer you.

The best way to ensure that you are happy with your wedding photographs is by making sure your wedding photographers knows what you want and what is important to you. 

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