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Breaking Tradition: Tips For Planning The Wedding You Want

Although many women fantasize about their wedding day and see the traditional white gown with the flowing veil, not every girl dreams of that storybook wedding day. If you are planning a wedding that sets you apart from the traditional, don't let friends and family get you down about it. Remember that the ultimate goal of the day is that you and your loved one say your vows. Don't let the expectations of others dampen that. Here are a few tips to help you manage the expectations as compared to what you want.

The Dress

Although most brides still opt for that classic white gown, that doesn't mean that all brides have to. In fact, many brides have made the choice to wear colors other than white for their wedding ceremony. You can wear anything from pastels to a bold, floral style. Sometimes, opting for a pastel shade of your favorite color makes it easier to match your bridesmaids and the flowers to the color scheme.

And, while you're at it, keep in mind that you're welcome to step outside of the box with your accessories, too. Choose a soft color for your dress and match it with a bold shawl or wrap. The goal is to ensure that you have a dress you're comfortable with and one that you'll be happy to wear down the aisle. Whether that means a lightweight beach wedding dress or a dark-colored formal wedding gown, your local bridal shop can help you find the perfect option.

The Guests

If you have a lot of family that still stick by the older traditions, you may be told that you have to invite people who invited you to their wedding. The truth is, while this may have been an expectation at one time, it's not the standard anymore. You're welcome to host a small affair and only invite those closest to you, if that's what you choose. And, even if you're having a large wedding, if you haven't seen that second cousin in 10 years and you're not close, don't feel like you're obligated to send out that invitation.

As you can see, some of the older wedding traditions have given way for more modern expectations. Although many brides still adhere to the traditional expectations, that doesn't mean that you're bound to them. With the information presented here, you can find ways to make your wedding unique and personal without being restricted by other people's expectations.