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Why A Vegas Wedding Is A Good Idea

If you are planning to get married soon, you should consider eloping or having a small wedding in Las Vegas. An intimate event can be just as beautiful as a blowout affair. In addition, you and your fiance will have less stress, save money, and probably stay married longer. 

Big Weddings

The average budget for a wedding has shot up to $30,000, and that number does not include the honeymoon. That level of extravagance may lead to a good show, but it means you will be more likely to divorce than those who choose more modest ceremonies. If you spend more than $20,000 on the wedding, your odds of divorcing go up 3.5 times when compared to those couples who stay within a relatively modest $5,000 - $10,000 budget. If you spend under $1,000, you have even better odds of staying in your marriage for the long haul. Experts feel that the financial stress may be a contributing factor to the number of divorces, but they also believe that couples who focus more on the wedding than the marriage will struggle. 

Las Vegas

Eloping to Las Vegas is an American tradition for a good reason. The ceremony is quick, convenient, and reasonably priced. Also, an exciting honeymoon awaits right outside the chapel doors. Couples who elope often do not want the financial stress of a big wedding or the accompanying family drama.

Getting married in Las Vegas is not limited to eloping, however. You can also plan an intimate wedding that includes only a few family members and close friends. If you choose a Vegas chapel, you can purchase a colorful wedding package, such as an Elvis wedding extravaganza. You can also choose a religious or civil ceremony while planning your wedding at a moment's notice. Best of all, you can get everything you need from your wedding venue, including gowns, tuxes, music, flowers, and a photographer. For those folks with a sense of adventure and a willing  partner, a Vegas wedding is an excellent choice. 

Some people feel that big weddings are more serious and meaningful. In fact, a smaller, less elaborate event may help you stay married. Saving your money while avoiding the stress of planning a huge gathering allows you to focus on what is actually important: you marriage. The focus should be on you and not on hundreds of guests or the reception dinner. When you are ready to marry, consider choosing a Las Vegas wedding. One place you can check out is A Little White Wedding Chapel.