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How To Choose A Venue Your Dream Garden Wedding

Exchanging your vows in a garden is the definition of a fairy tale wedding. You have the beauty of the outdoors and hopefully great weather. This type of wedding is usually in a public place, which means you are on display.

Preparation is the key to making sure your big day is a dream come true. Read on to find out how to choose a garden ceremony venue for your dream wedding.

Choose A Public Or Private Location

You have a variety of choices when choosing a location to fit your wedding theme. To help with narrowing down this decision, you have to decide on a public or private setting. Examples of a public setting are at the park or a public garden. You can probably get a public venue for a cheaper price. It may only require getting a permit from the local city hall. However, your city hall may charge a small fee for the permit.

If you want a discreet location, then you may want to choose a private garden or estate. However, these venues can be expensive.

What Are The Amenities?

Your choice of venues is important when it comes to amenities. If you choose a public park, then the set up requires more work. You will have to clean up, hire a staff and bring everything to prepare a meal.

A private garden is usually ready to go. The site has on-site catering and experience with hosting events.  

Check The Parking

Many outdoor venues do not have enough parking spaces. You are going to need parking for workers, the wedding party and the guests. It helps to know how many car are coming to the wedding. After getting a number, you want to find out how many parking spaces are available at your venue. If you do not have enough spaces, then you can consider getting a shuttle service. On the other hand, some private venues may offer off-site parking.

The location for the ceremony and reception should be one of the first things that you choose. You should not buy any décor or rent items before doing a walking through of the venue. The walk through should be done the same time of your ceremony. It helps you to plan for unexpected things like weather, heat, outdoor lighting and insects.

You can also use this time to figure out where to put your decoration. However, choosing the right garden venue has a lot to do with your budget.