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Dos And Don'ts Of Storing Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day was perfect, and your dress made you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world. You want to preserve your wedding dress to admire later or maybe even pass down to your daughter someday. Storing your dress properly will prevent yellowing, stains, and damage caused by moisture and insects.

Here are a dos and don'ts to help you properly store your beautiful wedding dress.

Do Have Your Dress Cleaned

Your reception was a lot of fun, and the proof of that is on your wedding dress. Check the label of your wedding dress to determine how is should be cleaned. In many cases, dry cleaning is recommended. There are professional cleaners who specialize in cleaning and restoring your wedding dress. This is an option if your dress was expensive, vintage, or suffered serious damage.

Do not clean your wedding dress yourself. The materials are too delicate, and you could wind up causing more damage. Even if your dress appears pristine, it should still be cleaned before it goes into storage. Food particles, dirt, and body oils will attract insects and could yellow the dress while it's in storage.

Don't Use the Wrong Storage Materials

Choosing the wrong packaging materials not only allows insects and dust to reach your wedding dress, it can also degrade the lace, stain, or silk. Choose options that are either specifically manufactured to store wedding dresses or is labeled "acid-free."

This includes acid-free tissue paper and boxes. Make sure to purchase enough paper and a large enough box to accommodate your wedding dress, veil, and any other pieces of the ensemble you want to protect.

Do Store Your Dress in the Right Environment

Finally, the last step is to find the proper place to store your dress. Ideally, your dress should be kept in a climate-controlled storage facility. However, if you don't already rent a storage locker or don't have the funds to pay for a unit, finding the ideal spot in your home is the best solution. Never store your dress in your basement or attic.

Both these spaces feature fluctuating temperatures, humidity, and other conditions that will destroy your dress. Instead, store your dress in spot where it's not exposed to heat, humidity, or direct sunlight. For example, keeping your dress tucked away in the back of your spare bedroom's closet is one option.

Just because your big day is over doesn't mean you want to stop admiring your wedding dress. Properly storing the dress will help preserve it for decades.