All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go -- 4 Wedding Dress Tips For A Destination Ceremony

If you're planning a destination wedding -- whether on a beach or on a mountain top -- you likely have a lot of arrangements to make. Some of these plans are affected by the fact that a destination wedding has some unique challenges. But, you may not have thought about how it affects your bridal party's dresses. Before you head out wedding dress shopping, keep these 4 tips in mind. [Read More]

How To Decorate A Banquet Hall For A Tropical-Themed Reception

Banquet or reception halls are large, open event spaces designed for sizable gatherings. If you're planning a big wedding reception, a banquet hall may be your best venue option as it will be able to comfortably hold all of your guests. Not only are banquet halls roomy, they're convenient, too, as they're typically ready to accommodate most lighting, special effects, and audio/visual needs. Many can also fit a large dance floor as well. [Read More]

3 Excellent Reasons To Have A Destination Wedding

If you are in the process of planning your wedding and are considering a destination wedding, this can be an excellent idea and can provide you and your fiancĂ© with a wonderful wedding experience that you will always remember and cherish. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons why you should have a destination wedding.  The Scenery Is Breathtaking If it is your dream to have a gorgeous wedding location, then a destination wedding will allow you to do this. [Read More]

Why A Vegas Wedding Is A Good Idea

If you are planning to get married soon, you should consider eloping or having a small wedding in Las Vegas. An intimate event can be just as beautiful as a blowout affair. In addition, you and your fiance will have less stress, save money, and probably stay married longer.  Big Weddings The average budget for a wedding has shot up to $30,000, and that number does not include the honeymoon. That level of extravagance may lead to a good show, but it means you will be more likely to divorce than those who choose more modest ceremonies. [Read More]